We support organisations and networks to enhance their effectiveness by identifying, engaging, and giving expression to their core values. 

Why Values Matter

Values are central motivators for individuals, groups and organisations. Values underlie our beliefs, thoughts and actions: they define who we are and what our organisations stand for.

But are we working to guard and give expression to the values of our organisations  to develop and sustain our effectiveness in promoting equality and protecting human rights?

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What We Offer

We provide organisations and networks with tailored packages to implement an effective values-based approach in all aspects of their work including: support, training, strategic planning, auditing and research.

Our particular focus is values-led approaches to incorporating equality and human rights concerns in the work of organisations and networks.

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International Links

The Values Lab is the Irish focal point for Common Cause.

Common Cause is an international network of people working to re-balance cultural values to create a more equitable, sustainable and democratic society.

This work draws on empirical evidence that has uncovered the relationships between the values we hold. Research demonstrates that by engaging particular values we can inhibit or promote attitudes and behaviours that support our work for social change. This has important implications, in particular, for our communications and campaign strategies.  

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